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Professor Mohammed K. ALhorany

President of Tafila Technical University ©


I am proud to be the fourth president of TTU which is located on a high mountain overlooking Tafila city where about 80 thousand people live in quietness and peace faraway from pollution and noise. Unlike other Jordanian universities, TTU is quiet and free from violence. Despite the quietness prevailing on campus, there is an unceasing academic activity. Since the first day of my position as a president on January 9, 2014, I gave special care to the educational process, being a top priority of the university.

Today, both students and employees realize that lectures in all academic departments start since the first day of the semester. As I demonstrate an equal interest in scientific research and scholarships, all faculty members should immediately submit their research proposals.

Another merit of TTU is the small number of its enrolled students. The total number of the enrolled students mounted to 7,000 students by the beginning of the academic year 2014/2015, a bit larger than that in the reputed American universities of Harvard and Princeton. This makes it feasible to communicate with students, provide them with educational and recreational activities, supervise their extracurricular activities, train them in the fields of their specializations, and enhance communication between students and their professors. Being the university president, I encourage students as well as their teachers to engage in constant conversations and dialogues.

An additional merit of TTU is that students whose grade point average (GPA) in the General Secondary Certificate is below the minimum average for admission in other public universities can apply for diploma programs. If students get the minimum GPA for admission in Shamel or the comprehensive exam, they can transfer to bachelor programs.

Thank you for giving me this opportunity to brief you about TTU. I recommend you to browse the university’s website, hoping that it will answer all of your enquiries and provide you with all the services you need.