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Tafila Technical University

President: Prof Bassam AL-Mahasneh
Academic Staff262
Administrative Staff620
LocationTafila, Jordan


Tafila Technical University incorporates the following 5 colleges:

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College of Arts College of Engineering College of Sciences College of Business College of E.Sciences College of IT

D.png College of Arts

The College of Arts offers B.A degrees in two programs: English Language and Literature and Arabic Language and Literature. The Department of Humanities and Social Sciences is a non degree-granting department. In addition to that, the College of Arts offers educational courses for associate diploma students affiliated with the TTU's Intermediate Technical Community College.

D.png College of engineering

The College of Engineering was established on January 17, 2005. Now, it has four academic departments: Electrical Eng., Mechanical Eng., Natural Resources Eng., and Civil engineering. It offers a B.Sce degrees. In the scholar year 2008–2009, the number of students is 1000.

D.png College of sciences

The college of sciences has three academic departments: Applied Physics, Mathematics & IT, and Chemistry. Since the establishment of the college in 2005, the number of students has reached 750.

D.png College of Business

It was established in 2005. Now, it has three academic departments: Business Economics, Accounting, and Business Management. It offers B.A degrees in the aforementioned majors.

D.png College of Information Technology and Communication

The College of Information and Communication Technology includes the following academic departments:

1. Information technology

2. Department of Computer Science

The College awards the following degrees:

1. Bachelor’s degree in Computer Information Systems

2. Bachelor’s degree in smart device computing

3. Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science

D.png College of Educational Sciences

The CES offers B.A degrees in four programs: Child Education, Special Education, Classroom-Teacher Education, and Classroom-Teacher/ English language. It also offers a higher diploma in education. Additionally, the CES offers educational courses for associate diploma students affiliated to the TTU's Intermediate Technical Community College. There are (777) students in the CES. The number of faculty is 30 for the academic year 2008–2009

Award.png Centers

There are six centers at TTU. Most of them are newly established and their work is mainly administrative. The centers are:

  • Computer & Information Technology Center (CITC)
    This center was established around the end of 2006. The center maintains the university's network which uses a (Single Mode Fiber). All of the university buildings are connected to the LAN network and have access to the internet. In addition to that, the center maintains the wireless network that is available on campus. In addition to its technical role, the CITC holds regular computer courses for students, faculty members and the local community at large.
  • National Center for Oil Shale Research
  • Center of Faculty Performance Evaluation & Development
  • Quality Assurance Management Center
  • Community Partnership Center
    The mission of the Community Partnership Center is to link university resources with urban and rural grassroots community groups to understand and address the core problems facing low- and moderate- income communities
  • Language Center
    This center offers language courses for university students. it offers courses in English, Arabic, and French. In addition to that, it offers Arabic courses for non-speakers. Faculty members from the College of Arts teach these courses.

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